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Inside Steven Alan

Fanny’s Fave Five

  • Fanny Bostrom is an artist who lives in Brooklyn. Lately Fanny has been in the studio working on a series of playful collages about the seashore. Sweden is her mother land. She keeps cats as a hobby. Miss Bostrom also has a remarkable sense of style, often favoring lots of color. She keeps a blog herself, and we’ve asked her to join us today for a little guest blog action. You can find her blog here .

    Here are Fanny’s window shopping selections.

    Oh, oh, oh!
    My favorite season has just blown in. Autumn with its red, brown and yellow colored leaves, chai tea, big knits, red nails, mouth and cheeks, I love it! Today me and my little brother even felt a bit cold when we were working away in my studio, Victor drawing a flying fish, me drawing sea gherkins. I can’t wait to try out our wood burning stove in the living room! So with the cold season comes the new wardrobe, which I always look forward to, and fall looks are the best! You can layer up and look beautiful, before it gets bitter cold and you just give up and turn into the Michelin Man, with snow jogging and the biggest coat you can find.

    Flannel Reverse Seam Shirt

    I love this! I got it! I wore it the whole time I was in San Francisco on holiday, so cosy!

    Sunshine & Shadow Exclusive for Steven Alan Silk Dress

    One of my favorite outfits is a dress with thick stockings, cardigan, red painted nails and a hat with a yarn ball on top. This dress is so beautiful, the color is amazing.

    Striped Gathered Sweater

    This would be so cute with my indigo dyed jeans!

    Shawl Collar Cardigan

    I’ve been looking for a cardigan to go with all my dresses, this one is perfect!
    I so want it! Maybe a Christmas present Billy? : )

    Striped Beret

    So as I was saying, I love a hat with a yarn ball and it’s stripy, my favorite!

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