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Inside Steven Alan

Nikole’s Favorite Finds

  • Nikole of forty-sixth at grace wrote about Steven Alan back in August. Since then, a mutual admiration society has formed. We really appreciate Nikole’s unique perspective on fashion, and we always find something to smile about when we visit her blog. We were curious about what we would find in her closet, so we asked Nikole to do a little window shopping. Here’s a look.

    there’s a few things i should tell you
    i’m pretty particular and
    i’m convinced shoes can make or break an outfit

    i’m almost
    sure that fall is the best season
    especially for layering

    i’m fussy about the knit of a sweater
    the way a shirt falls
    and how
    a seam is finished

    and these days
    i’m missing the west coast

    why do i tell you all this?
    well, because my fave five
    remind me
    of an autumn day
    near to the sea

    when rust colored leaves blow
    through the streets
    and when the air
    has become crisp

    and when somehow
    it seems
    the salt
    is again heavy in the air

    and because i can so easily
    imagine myself wearing
    them all
    here they are
    in no sort of order:

    campden jumperone,
    the camden jumper
    i imagine it paired with
    wooly winter
    a blouse with a bow

    dolman sweatertwo,
    the dolman sleeve cardigan
    in cocoa
    the color is so
    warm and mushroomy
    and i think that’s nice

    the holloway coat in navy
    i like the leather detail
    and the wooden
    oh, wooden buttons
    how i love them

    Sunshine & Shadowfour,
    the sunshine and shadow fur trim hat
    in light brown
    it looks so fuzzy and warm
    and i like hats
    that cover my ears

    and finally
    my number five,
    the dieppa restrepo patent leather lace-ups
    in navy
    what’s to say about them
    you can skip down the
    street and kick the
    leaves in them
    and i think
    this will
    make you smile

    -Nikole Herriott, forty-sixth at grace

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3 Responses to “Nikole’s Favorite Finds”

  1. sgdl says:

    love her!

  2. P. says:

    Brilliant and inspired as always, Nikole! I dearly love that hat.

  3. Maximilliano says:

    I am going to be including this to my listing of social book marks.