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O Winona! Your Glory Hath Not Faded

  • Tuesday's With Mauri

    There’s been a lot of talk lately about a certain supermodel (well, there’s always a lot of talk), and it’s made me wonder, “What about Winona? Wasn’t she the original grunge girl and apple of Johnny’s eye?” I styled this look as an ode to Winona. And for me, it’s all about the Rag & Bone leggings – knit leggings that are so comfortable you might forget to take them off. Add some of my favorite accessories, like the Mayle purse and Karen Walker sunglasses, and the look becomes more 2008, less 1992.

    Winona Forever Recipe

    1 pair Rag & Bone leggings

    1 leather jacket

    1 Line chunky knit sweater

    1 Isabel Marant tee

    1 pair rockin’ Rachel Comey booties

    1 Mayle Jeanne bag in black leather

    1 pair Acne gloves

    1 pair Karen Walker shades

    1 U2 Boy (kinda anachronistic, but good listening nevertheless)

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One Response to “O Winona! Your Glory Hath Not Faded”

  1. miss sophie says:

    very chic – i like the monochromatic playing around. i just posted about the fall sweaters on my blog – just a suggestion, could you guys do more lookbook styling on the SA website?