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Window Shopping with A History of Architecture

  • Erica writes the blog A History of Architecture, a place where she talks about some of our favorite topics–fashion and shopping amongst them. She also likes a lot of the same designers we do, so we figured we would have a lot to talk about over coffee. Erica made some notes about what she wants to pack in her suitcase this winter when she and her husband head to Paris. Thanks so much Erica!

    My husband and I are off to Paris on Christmas night for a week of macarons, architecture, and shopping. I try to avoid flying as much as possible because I’m invariably cranky by the end of the journey. I also tend to bring too much with me even though I know that I’ll return with more books and clothing than I have room for.

    It’s difficult to arrive in Paris with the assumption that you won’t purchase an entirely new wardrobe there–so why bother packing more than a day’s worth of clothing? I am sure that our luggage will be filled with our much loved SA button-downs. The stereotype of married couples dressing alike is, alas, true in our case.

    The McBride Beauty grapefruit and sage travel kit would be perfect for freshening up on the plane. I used to think travel kits were silly, but the more I fly, the more necessary they seem to me!

    Due to my seven-month pregnant state, something like the SA gathered shirt will probably keep me comfortable and presentable looking, especially when paired with a long thin open-front cardigan. In fact, I should probably have two or three of them, at least. One in every print would be nice!

    My husband has been wearing the same grey cardigan for so long that I think it’s time to mix things up with something striped, but not too boring. The Danbury jacket will also come in handy, especially since I’ve been trying to convince him to dress up more often.

    One of our strategies for packing is to include a duffle bag inside our carry-on luggage. Normally we use old high school gym bags, but it would be so lovely to have a Filson bag that is both gorgeous and functional.

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