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Inside Steven Alan

Shirt Stories: Aya T. Kanai, Senior Fashion Editor, Teen Vogue

  • Aya T. Kanai, Senior Fashion Editor of Teen Vogue, wears her favorite Steven Alan shirt – the Reverse Seam in Rainbow Stripe – while providing stylistic inspiration (and planning a photo shoot!) in our first installment of SHIRT STORIES.

    “For Teen Vogue, I would shoot it for our summer story, about what to wear on your vacation. I would do it tied in a knot at the waist with a rope belt, Keds and a lightweight cotton full skirt in blue or pink.  Later in the summer, I would also wear the shirt over a bathing suit and my favorite jean shorts. I love the soft colors of the rainbow stripe; it is a perfect spring/summer cover up.”

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2 Responses to “Shirt Stories: Aya T. Kanai, Senior Fashion Editor, Teen Vogue”

  1. miss sophie says:

    i love this post concept! you guys are too cute :D

  2. eve says:

    love this shirt! what a cute story!