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Inside Steven Alan

WHYRED now available at our stores

  • Whyred

    The minimalism and utilitarian functionalism that are the hallmarks of Swedish design are not sterile, but rather modern, in the hands of Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson, and Jonas Clason, who founded WHYRED in 1999 after design and marketing stints at Scandinavian giant H&M.

    Spring 2009

    Though unadorned and casual, the women’s spring collection, featuring a Technicolor palate of tomato red, turquoise, and bottle green, is bold. Described by the design team as “light hearted”, the line is inspired by the pop-cool of Vanessa Paradis. The silhouette is decidedly relaxed, often incorporating pleats, gathers, and cotton twills to a slouchy effect. In other words, these pieces will effortlessly fit into your spring wardrobe, and will be worn for years to come.

    -Post by Emily Basenberg

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