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Inside Steven Alan

More fun in the Hamptons!

  • We have been having so much fun in the Hamptons! We wanted to share some of our great experiences from our first month at the store on Newtown Lane. The SA team has also rented a “cabin” in East Hampton not too far from the store and we are really enjoying all the outside space and room to BBQ. We may never go back to Manhattan again!

    Here are some photos of the team riding to work in the morning from the house – side note: Jackie is rocking it on Max’s (Steven’s 7 year old son) bike since we were short one cruiser…someone at the grocery store said she looked like the leader of a gang…fierce!

    This is the crazy Mod pendant light in the kitchen of the cabin…random, but oddly
    very cool…

    Here are a couple of photos from the lifeguard tower after a midnight ride to the
    beach past the insane houses on Lily Pond Lane…so beautiful…

    This is a picture of “Ellie”- one of our youngest customers, who tried on two Lemlem dresses before deciding on the beautiful pink one and running out of the dressing room to show us her selection…she was beyond cute, and kept telling her Mom “I love this whoooole store!”  It was awesome.
    We should have taken a photo of the poker table after Jani and Jake were playing a round into the wee hours of the morning…using Cheerios instead of poker chips…this game was only slightly less heated than the Bocce lawn bowling rivalry between the two of them which reached a fever pitch after dark, leading to a heated “bowl-off”…in the pitch black…needless to say, a tough one to call…
    Look for more updates from the Hamptons all summer long!

    Jesse Rowe
    Men’s Designer

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2 Responses to “More fun in the Hamptons!”

  1. kati says:

    love the lemlem!

  2. Marjorie says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!