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Inside Steven Alan

Shirt Stories: Damien Nunes,GQ Magazine

  • Why did you choose this shirt?

    I love the single needle because of the small button-down collar. It’s fitted in a looser kind of way (if you know what I mean) and shorter, which makes it perfect to wear un-tucked and more relaxed. As much as I love to wear a fitted suit, pressed shirt, skinny tie, and pocket square, sometimes you just need to relax a little. Wearing this shirt, unbuttoned to the second button, is the way to do it without feeling like a slob. I’m known for my taste for plaid shirts and whenever I wear my SAs I inevitably get asked, “Where’d you get that shirt, man?” Always a nice feeling, I admit.

    How would you style it for a GQ shoot?

    When putting together looks for shoots, we always need a huge selection of washed shirts because they are so versatile. Steven’s are great because of the slim fit and great assortment of plaids, stripes, and solids. We like to style them up under a suit with a shirt and tie loosened at the neck, or the way I like to wear them: un-tucked with an APC or Levi’s jean and sneakers or a pair of shorts, sleeves rolled up, for summer issues. In any case, the term “Steven Alan shirt” has become a part of the GQ fashion department lexicon as meaning that shirt that makes a guy look cool and stylish, but not like he takes himself way too seriously. That’s what we’re all about.

    Thank you for the photographs, Hanuk!

    Damien Nunes, Fashion Editor at GQ Magazine, enjoys a summer day in New York City while wearing the Single Needle Shirt which is found here online.

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  2. great styling — love the shoes w/it!