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Inside Steven Alan

Our 15th Anniversary Party

  • To celebrate out 15th anniversary, we had a little industry get together. Delicious red velvet mini cupcakes and vanilla whiskey pineapple cocktails from Union mixed well with the great group of friends and industry cohorts at the event.

    Here are some party highlights! We hope everyone had as good of a time as we did!

    Our “class photo” 2009

    Steven and our LA district manager Scott, Lydia our Tribeca Manager with our DJ for the night.

    Couldn’t get enough of those pineapple cocktails!

    Lovely ladies from the corporate office.

    To read a full write up on the evening’s festivities please visit Refinery’s Pipeline.

    Our anniversary shirting shall available online in limited quantities very soon- for the mean time they are available for purchase by phone at our Tribeca Store.

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