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Inside Steven Alan

Fashion’s Night Out at our Tribeca Annex

  • Ok one more party post for the month (we promise).
    This post is a little out of sequence but we had to share with you the wonderful time we had at Fashion’s Night out with Falling Whistles, hosted by Coup de Coeur shopping concierge.
    It was another lovely night at our Tribeca store, where the beers and balance water flowed and the anniversary shirts and the falling whistles were the showcased items of the evening. We had some special one of a kind whistles created for the event by Lizzie Fortunato, which were also a hit.

    Shopping went into the wee hours of the evening, the Hanson brothers came out with their stunning wives as well as Sean Carasso from Falling Whistles to help support for Fashion’s Night Out. Here are some of the highlights, thanks so all that came out – we had a blast!

    Pictures courtesy of Chad Wilson at Box Eight Studios

    Shopping insanity at about 10pm

    Our Falling Whistles display

    Lucia from Coup de Coeur extolling the virtues of our anniversary shirt no doubt

    Decisions, decisions

    The Hanson brothers and their gorgeous wives, Sean Carasso from Falling Whistles, Lizzie Fortunato

    Steven working the crowd, more shopping

    The anniversary rack and customer, Nell our web manager, Amanda and Lucia from Coup de Coeur

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