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Inside Steven Alan

Shirt Stories: Sarah Kuhn, Teen Vogue

  • Sarah Frances Kuhn, Accessory Editor at Teen VOGUE, performs with her band Left Coast, featuring David Shull and Lane Lacolla.

    Tell us about the band’s look.
    I was in a quite a rush to get ready, as I had about five minutes between work, preparing for the show, etc., so I just threw on some jean cut-offs and my favorite Bloch silver jazz shoes with the polka dot shirt.  I added red lipstick for some extra oomph; I like to stand out a bit!  I also can’t really play guitar in heels, and I like to mix the boy/girl look.  Lane and Dave always keep it simple and classic with jeans and shirts, so the Steven Alan shirts are easy for them.

    How would you style the polka dot shirt for a Teen VOGUE shoot?
    For Teen VOGUE, I would pair my shirt with a great trench, perhaps leather shorts, an armful of colorful stacked bangles and an open toe ankle bootie.

    For more on Left Coast, please see their Myspace Page here online.

    On David and Lane:
    Holiday Revers Seam $168.00
    Holiday Flannel Reverse Seam $168.00

    Sarah’s shirt is our Women’s Fall Reverse Seam $158.00

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