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Inside Steven Alan

In the Neighborhood, Meet Jeremy K.

  • My name is Jeremy
    I eat breakfast everyday
    My favorite food is grilled cheese with tomato soup
    I prefer Root Beer over Pepsi

    My blog is

    I like to shop at Steven Alan because it makes me a modern man and Steven said so.
    My new year’s resolution is to have better posture and hug my friends more.

    Thanks Jeremy! We love your blog; keep shopping and hugging friends.
    Jeremy shops at our Tribeca location:
    Tribeca Annex
    103 Franklin St.
    New York, NY 10013

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2 Responses to “In the Neighborhood, Meet Jeremy K.”

  1. brennan says:

    liking the RL on top, man! swanky.

  2. brennan says:

    i like the RL shirt you’re rocking there. i have the same one. love the pockets!