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Inside Steven Alan

In the Neighborhood, Meet Paul V.

  • My name is Paul Vogel, owner of Vogel Bindery in East Hampton, New York.

    The film I’m most interested in seeing is: The Green Lantern- was my favorite comic strip as a kid (I like the way his hair is drawn in the comic).
    I’m currently reading: 13 Bankers, James Kwak & Simon Johnson- I like it because it shows that we have the opportunity to shake things up.
    My favorite tv show of all time: The Simpsons- it’s still funny.
    I subscribe to (magazine, podcast): The Week, NPR podcasts: This American Life, Fresh Air with Terry Gross
    Favorite two places for brunch are: Used to be Poxabogue East Hampton- just closed down last month, town gave up rights for new developments; now John Papas.
    My favorite mode of transportation in EH is: Bike
    Sunscreen or tanning oil: Neither
    Swim trunks or speedo: Swim trunks
    Yankees or Mets: Yankees
    New York Times or Post: Times
    I like to shop at Steven Alan: “It’s convenient, I like the loose construction of the clothes, color scheme is current. The style is unique without being kooky- I don’t feel like I’m dressing as a kid. The clothes are understated and sophisticated.”

    Paul shops in our East Hampton Bazaar; thanks for sharing Paul!

    Steven Alan BAZAAR
    East Hampton
    52 Newtown Lane
    East Hampton, NY 11937
    t: 631-604-1726
    Mon-Thurs 10am-6pm
    Fri-Sat 10am-7pm
    Sun 10am-5pm

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