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Inside Steven Alan

Shape Shifter and Time Traveler: LD Tuttle A/W 2010

  • We have been carrying shoes by LD Tuttle for several seasons now. The line’s attention to design, material, and detail makes it one of our favorites and the new collection certainly lives up to our expectations.

    For designer Tiffany Tuttle, a former ballet dancer, the shoe is not just a bed for your feet; it becomes, in her designs, an extension of the body itself.  As reported by Nowness, “My shoes aren’t about hindering a woman’s ability to have movement” rather the shoes are “creating and finishing the line of the body.” LD Tuttle’s A/W 2010 collection is undeniably present in sensibility—as if she had traveled through time to bring us the perfect shoe now.

    Check out our picks from the Fall collection, available on our website: The Deep , The Weave, and the Push.

    In LD Tuttle’s A/W 2010 presentational video shot by Zek Sekizawa, body and shoe converge to show the oneness of her designs with the human form.  We see gymnast Emilie Livingstone take her body to unreal contortions. We hear the chillingly alien sounds of Aaron Hemphill (of the Liars) and Alexandro Calandrino. The performance video is an excellent representation for a new collection that seems to exist in an alternate time and place.

    These styles and others can also be found at:

    Tribeca – Steven Alan Annex
    103 Franklin St.
    New York, NY 10013
    Mon – Sat 11:30am – 7pm, except Thurs 11:30am – 8pm
    Sun 12pm – 6pm
    Store: 212.343.0692

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