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Inside Steven Alan

Our Spring 2011 Presentation and Video

  • Fall in Love with Spring in the Fall?
    Last Friday marked a historical moment for us all at Steven Alan.  We had our very first Fashion Presentation!
    After a brutally hot summer it is finally mid September…Phew. The only problem: end-of-summer blues. The looks from our Spring 2011 collection may make you long for lazy beach days even if you are sick of having sand on your clothes, in between your toes, on your floors, and everywhere else as sand inevitably gets everywhere.

    As you slip on those supple leather boots and take out knits and scarves that have been languishing in the closet since the spring, you might find yourself cheating on beautiful fall days as your mind wanders to memories of easygoing summer days. We have some inspirational material to assuage such a condition.
    For the Spring, we are focused on easy grab and go looks to take to lakeside and seaside locals. Stretchable sweaters and lightweight cotton dresses will be perfect for rolling up into beach bags. Men’s deck jackets and trench coats will be the necessary pieces for impromptu trips whatever the weather.
    Now that you’ve seen the looks, we do have some backstage footage from the presentation coming up next week.

    A matching patterned polka dot bowtie subtly dresses up a basic single needle shirt and an inset belt attached to the gusset pant creates a versatile bottom that can take him from the beach straight to an evening dinner.
    Pictured from left to right: Belt tie gusset pant, polka dot single needle shirt, shown here with matching bowtie, Hooded Trench.

    Surprising and quirky details play up these essential outfits: an unexpectedly lengthened hemline revises the traditional striped tank dress and ruffles adorn a vintage inspired bathing set (a key look from the women’s collection).
    Pictured from left to right: Daisy top, the Rookie Dress, and the Utility Poncho.

    Also, we have made our second presentation video to date. In fact, it is a date video, called “Mixed Doubles.” We had a very fun time shooting in Fort Greene so check it out:

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