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Inside Steven Alan

In the Neighborhood: Meet Rob Haskell

  • My name is Rob Haskell

    Occupation: Physician
    My top hobby: Food, food history, cooking and eating
    I’ve lived in New York for: 14 years with a four-year “vacation” for medical school
    My favorite NYC block: The one on which I live ˆ Charles between West 4th and Bleecker
    I’m usually awake by: 5:15 Isn’t that horrible?
    The train I travel on the most is: The F train. Again, isn’t that horrible?
    My top 3 food picks in the city are: Now that I have a car in the city, I like to go outer-borough: Little Pepper, my favorite Sichuan restaurant in Flushing; Sripraphai, of course, for Thai in Woodside; Tanoreen, the Middle Eastern place in Bay Ridge
    The last movie I saw was: Klute (the 1971 classic with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland)
    The last book I read was: Currently reading “A High Wind in Jamaica” by Richard Hughes
    My guilty pleasure TV viewing: Top Chef, Rachell Maddow
    The last great bit of travel I had took me to: The Baltic coast of Germany
    Style icon: Mr. Rogers
    I’m looking forward to the Fall because: Pears, cardigans, not arriving to the hospital sweating
    I like to shop at Steven Alan because: The greatness of the clothes isn’t performative; it comes, rather, from the private satisfaction you get from your relationship with this shirt or that tie. It has nothing to do with somebody else’s approval.

    Rob shops in our West Village shop. Thanks for sharing with us Rob!

    West Village – Steven Alan
    69 Eighth Avenue
    New York, New York 10014
    Mon – Sat 11:30 – 7 pm, except Thursday 11:30 – 8 pm
    Sun 12 – 6
    Store: 212.242.2677

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3 Responses to “In the Neighborhood: Meet Rob Haskell”

  1. Mr. Rogers says:

    You remind me of myself when I was young.

  2. sidewalk girl says:

    Wow, too bad! Thought he was an employee at the store. You guys should feature cute employees in your journal!

  3. The cute SA employee says: