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Inside Steven Alan

In the Neighborhood: Nolita

  • My name is William. I live in Nolita.

    Occupation: “Bowery Bum” Personal Dining Recommendations
    My top hobby: smorgasbord
    I’ve lived in New York for: 29 years
    My favorite NYC block: Elizabeth and Prince Street
    I’m usually awake by: 7 o’clock or 11 o’clock
    The train I travel on the most is: B train
    My top 3 food picks in the city are: Omen, Lovely Day, Blue Ribbon Sushi
    The last movie I saw was: “Biutiful”
    The last book I read was: “Burmese Days”
    My guilty pleasure TV viewing: Classic Television
    The last great bit of travel I had took me to: Sri Lanka
    Style icon: “Richards”
    I’m looking forward to the Spring because: I hate snow!
    I like to shop at Steven Alan because: LIFE IS PLAID

    William shops in our Nolita store. Thanks for sharing William!

    Nolita – Steven Alan
    229 Elizabeth St. 10012
    Mon – Sat 11:30am – 7pm
    Sun 12pm – 6pm

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