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Shirt Stories Part II: Au Revoir Simone (Annie’s Story)

  • In part II of our Au Revoir Simone Shirt Story, Annie Hart tells us about her day.

    I love my new shirt!  Thank you Steven Alan.

    I had a lovely day last Saturday in my shirt, pairing it with a simple long black cardigan, blue corduroy shorts, and oxfords.  I went for a walk with my baby, Henry, to my friend’s apartment to help her address save-the-date cards for her wedding.  She plays in an awesome band called Radical Dads.  They are really great 90′s-esque indie rock.  Very creative, like Sleater Kinney meets Built to Spill.  You can and should listen to them here:

    I left the baby with Lindsay and hopped on my bike to band practice with my side project with Henry’s dad called Pursesnatchers.  Also very ’90s.  I play a little Casio that has great droning sounds on it, so we can add a little of that Yo La Tengo feeling in there.  I try to tell the rest of the band that when I can’t make it that they should just replace me with some Scotch tape to hold down the keys, but no one thinks that’s funny except me.  At practice I messed up my Diana Mini.  I don’t know what I did, but that’s when I ruined the pictures of me in my shirt doing fun things.

    After a few hours of practice I got a pizza with spinach, mushrooms, and fried eggplant from Vinnie’s on Bedford, my favorite pizzeria, somehow attached the pizza to my bike and managed to get one block from Lindsay’s place to pick up Henry before I dropped the pizza on the sidewalk.  Oops. At least it didn’t get on my shirt.

    Oh, yeah, the shirt.  I really like it.  It’s really soft, and because I messed up the film in the Diana, I’ve been wearing it lots so Doug (Henry’s dad) can take pictures of me pretending to have my awesome Saturday again.  He’s using the Hipstamatic on the iPhone to get that Diana feel.  But don’t be fooled.  It’s all digital.

    The good thing about this shirt is that it really holds up over time.  I don’t normally wear my shirts day after day, but this one never looks bad, no matter how much spit-up manages to lodge itself on my shoulders.  It has a pre-crumpled look, which is much nicer than the post-crumpled look I normally rock, allowing me to appear both neat and stylish,  a feat that has never been accomplished before, mostly because I usually wear dirty t-shirts.  Also, I love that it is made in the USA.  Dear World, can you make that happen more often?   One can easily feel the craftsmanship in it, from the ruffles in the puffed sleeves all the way to buttons being sewn on securely.  To a breast-feeding mother, that last one is key!

    Well, here I am on another, as-yet undescribed day, playing cards, writing some new Au Revoir Simone songs, and boning up on my bookkeeping skills with a book from the library.

    For more on Au Revoir Simone visit their website or their Myspace page.
    Annie is wearing our Matilda Shirt, available online now.

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