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Wax On to Keep the Water Off

  • Steady rain holds thoughts of Spring at bay.

    Wintery mix has become a semi-permanent fixture as we transition to Spring.  But, with warmer days approaching, there’s no need to hibernate as long as you’ve got waxed cotton in your closet.

    As part of the natural wear and tear of waxed cotton, the wax will wear out over time. Made from paraffin and beeswax, Fjallraven’s Greenland Wax will enhance the water and wind resistant ability to the surface of waxed cotton outerwear.

    To apply wax:
    1. Heat the surface of the fabric
    2. Rub the wax on the worn areas of the fabric
    3. Heat the wax to set

    Here’s a handy how-to video for applying or re-applying wax:

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