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Biking in LA

  • In LA and itching to go on an epic bike ride? The Los Angeles River Ride is approaching in just a couple of weeks. There are a total of 6 rides of varying degrees of intensity, all of which begin in Griffith Park. Parking this year will be located one mile away from the starting point for participants, with the exception of families with children, due to construction.

    The ride is broken down into two main rides, a 15-70 mile ride and a 100 mile ride.

    You can see the map for the 100 mile ride here and the 15-70 mile ride here.

    Check out the full details including how to register:

    Also happening this week- the Tour of California (May 15-22) is an eight day race that covers 650-700 miles of California. The race starts in Nevada City then through the redwoods, wine country, and Pacific Coast, ending in Escondido. You can find places to watch the race in your area here.

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