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Inside Steven Alan

High time for summer

  • May 28th, 2011 | New Arrivals


    High summer. The Farmer’s Almanac said it would be like this. Months ago, when New York was frigid and it seemed like the gray would never lift we knew this summer was coming. Spring poured down and then breezed through with French Provincial prints and Greek inspired pleats. And then the heat – the city seems tropical and timeless in it, uniting us all in a common cause of staying cool, moving slow, seeking shade. Weekend sunbathers wade in shallow water, moving like a newsreel of a heat wave on Coney Island in the forties.  White, sheer, flowing, gauzy fabrics with a trim of fluorescent yellow or green, borrowed from nature, camouflaged in the white shimmering heat.

    On the ladies and the gentleman

    1. Reverse Seam shirt and Alexis shorts

    2. Willow top and Alexis shorts

    3. Reverse Seam shirt and Tennis shorts

    4. Riley Dress and Soludos Solid Espadrille

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