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Inside Steven Alan

Womens | Fall Second Shipping

  • This October I’m going on my first trip to Big Sur, and not being much for the outdoors I’ve been at a loss as to what to pack.  We’re staying in a cabin–I vetoed the yurt–and probably won’t be doing anything that resembles camping, but I’ve decided that Steven Alan’s northwest hiking-inspired fall collection will be my trip inspiration anyway. It’s full of the kind of layering that I’ll definitely be needing out on the California coast, where it may be sunny and warm one moment and foggy and freezing the next. As much as I love the men’s looks (think 1960s-inspired mountain climber with an English outdoors-man twist) it’s the women’s clothes that I’m really inspired by.  They’re the perfect juxtaposition of utilitarian and dressy, mixing structured tweed jackets with velvet ruffles, denim with silk, and menswear-inspired shirts with girlish woolen pinafores.  The Steven Alan girl for fall is modeled after 1960s Berkeley intellectuals; she probably goes to protests and has Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan records on repeat, but isn’t too serious for little white lace dresses or the occasional leopard print.  And if it ever gets in danger of becoming too girlie, all she has to do is throw on a wool cape and wide-brimmed hat–two pieces that I can already tell will be part of my Big Sur uniform.

    –Rhiannon Leifheit |


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  1. Iris says:

    What a lovely cape! loved this post :)