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Inside Steven Alan

Video: Memoryhouse at FNO

  • The inspiration behind Memoryhouse, a Toronto-based indie pop group principally comprised of Evan Abeele (guitar) and Denise Nouvion (vocals), comes from British-German composer Max Richter’s experimental album of the same name. Richter’s “post classical” work – minimalist in its use of ambient sounds and voices – as well as Virginia Woolf’s 1929 essay “A Room of One’s Own,” both served as creative influences for Abeele and Nouvion. “We were thinking about houses, and how they define the self,” says Abeele.

    This theme translated nicely in our Tribeca Annex last Thursday night, where the duo, along with drummer Daniel Gray and bassist Barzin Hosseini, performed a 10-song set of in-the-bedroom melodies for Fashion’s Night Out. The track lineup introduced a couple of new gems and many other polished oldies from the outfit’s re-mastered version of their 2010 EP, The Years (out September 13), including the deep and soothing “Modern, Normal,” and the airy “Lately.”

    Memoryhouse’s at-home feel makes sense, considering their minimalist musical style fits well with our brand. “It’s all about the nuances; in fashion, if you’re too on the nose, it can be alienating. Steven Alan’s clothing is very particular. There’s an old-timey, classic elegance to it that we also try to use in our songwriting,” says Abeele. Nouvion, who bought a dress at our shop that very afternoon, agreed. “Too many embellishments can definitely ruin something. I always look at dresses and think ‘This could be perfect! Except for the bow.’”  –Vann Alexandra

    Set list:
    Sleep Patterns
    The Kids Were Wrong
    Modern, Normal
    Walk With Me
    Quiet America
    When You Sleep
    Little Expressionless Animals

    Album available online, courtesy of Sub Pop Records

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