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Inside Steven Alan

Fall 2012 Presentation: Behind the Scenes

  • It was a busy but rewarding morning! Here’s a peek at our pre-show prep. You can check out more behind the scenes photos on Instagram.

    Backstage – the calm before the storm


    Moments later, elbow deep in hair and makeup




    Many thanks to Dieppa Restrepo for providing most of the shoes!




    Final touches


    Getting it all in line


    Backyard Bill at work


    9AM in room 9 at Studio 59. Show on.



    Thanks to all who helped put it together, and to everyone who came out to show their support! Presentation photos coming soon.

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One Response to “Fall 2012 Presentation: Behind the Scenes”

  1. I was so thrilled to create the set for the Fall 2012 presentation today.
    The clothes are gorgeous!
    Congratulations to all at Steven Alan.
    Best, Deborah