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Inside Steven Alan

Shirt Stories: Imogene + Willie

  • In this shirt story, Matt and Carrie Eddmenson of Imogene + Willie give us a glimpse into a day at their Nashville studio.

    Nothing better than a Steven Alan shirt . . . unless it’s pair of Steven Alan ruffle bloomer panties! (I have loved them for years – they were my first purchase ever from Steven Alan, ten years ago.) When Matt and I got to work last Thursday, we were so happy to open the Fed Ex care package from the Steven Alan crew. In the package: a navy blue silk Boyfriend shirt for me, and a wool CPO shirt jacket for Matt. We didn’t want to wait ’til the next day to wear the pieces, so we did a quick wardrobe change and started our “day.”

    The day we chose for our “Shirt Stories” project happened to be a pretty intense one filled with new development and fittings for our spring collection of women’s jeans. I think every female teammate in our shop tried on five different pants that day, including me. The good thing about Steven Alan pieces like the navy silk shirt I had on is that they work with everything.

    Between fittings, I ran down to Burger Up, our neighborhood hang, and had a late lunch. Meanwhile, Matt sketched some additional developments he wanted to prototype. He squeezed this in before heading to the airport for a quick trip to the West coast. Honestly, after Matt left, I forgot to take more shots for our project. So I threw the navy silk shirt on again the next morning!

    Day Two of wearing Steven Alan’s navy silk shirt was pretty typical, and not as much fun to capture. I was on the phone literally all day; every time Chad, our store’s visual master, snapped an iPhone shot of me, I was on the damn phone. Our shop is very small, and with 18 employees and customers in and out, it’s sometimes hard to find a place to work. I found a nice new little perch, though: the ’69 BSA motorcycle!

    Matt and I are both pretty simple in our dress. We love to make clothes for others, but personally we are pretty uniformed. We always have on Imogene + Willie jeans or vintage military pants, usually coupled with a white shirt of some kind. Since the day our Steven Alan package arrived, however, I haven’t taken off my navy shirt. I have already ordered several more, as it is now my new uniform. And when Matt gets back to Nashville from sunny California tonight, I know he’ll throw that Steven Alan CPO back on until winter’s end!


    Carrie + Matt

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