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Inside Steven Alan

Cindy Sherman at MoMA

  • March 2nd, 2012 | Events

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    Last night we headed over to MoMA to check out the Cindy Sherman exhibit, which opened this week. Featuring 170 of the artist’s works, the retrospective celebrates Sherman’s ability to play model, makeup artist, stylist, art director and photographer in order to achieve remarkable transformations in her narrative self-portraits.  Assuming  a wide range of character roles, from Midwestern housewives to aristocrats to movie starlets, Sherman openly explores female identity in contemporary culture through these works, all of which are untitled, leaving them open to interpretation. Working primarily within her studio, sometimes with a green screen backdrop, it’s amazing to see the level of imagination, creativity, character development and attention to detail in each photograph — especially considering that she works entirely unassisted. The exhibit runs through June 11.


    {Untitled #479, 1975}


    {Untitled Film Still #17, 1978}


    {Untitled Film Still #56, 1980}


    {Untitled #96, 1981}


    {Untitled #465, 2008}

    Images via MoMA

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