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Travel To Do: A Weekend in Savannah

  • March 28th, 2012 | Travels

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    After hearing about Liebemarlene‘s recent trip to Savannah, we’ve got Georgia on our mind. Blogger Rhiannon Leifheit shares some of the places she loves:

    Savannah, Georgia is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s only around four hours from where I live in Atlanta, but with its Spanish moss and ancient (by American standards, at least) houses, Savannah always makes me feel like I’m in a completely different place. I first went there on a whirlwind trip a few years back, but this time around we stayed for the whole weekend, just so we could see all the sights we didn’t get to see before. It’s also just a perfect time of year to visit–in the off-season still and not quite spring, but warm enough to make you think it is. It ended up being over 80 degrees and I had packed all wrong: boots and coats, when what I really should have brought were sandals and sun dresses.

    There are a lot of really well-dressed young people in Savannah (probably thanks to SCAD and its great fashion program), but I never really had any luck finding good clothing stores in town until I came across Arc.  It’s a good mix of the old and the new, selling vintage items as well as modern heritage brands – really a breath of fresh air on Broughton Street, where the shops tend to go touristy or southern belle flouncy in a hurry.

    My favorite place to eat by far in Savannah is Back in the Day Bakery. Their cupcakes are the best I’ve ever had, their coffee is the best I’ve had in town, and their vintage-inspired decor isn’t bad either. We went there twice this last trip to recharge after long hours of sightseeing, and I don’t think there’s any amount of tiredness that an americano and chocolate heaven cupcake can’t cure.

    The Paris Market  is another shop on Broughton Street that I have to go to each time I’m in Savannah. It’s a pretty amazing place to visit – set up like a French flea market, with treasures in every corner, some of them new and some of them old (the old things are my favorites, especially when they’re a little bit morbid: bones, bugs, taxidermy birds . . . ).

    My favorite thing to do in Savannah is to walk around the historic district with a camera in hand and no agenda at all. The first day I was there I walked through all the squares I could find, taking pictures of the monuments and the houses around them, reading all of the historical markers. Almost every other house seems to have been the site of something Civil War-related or Revolutionary War-related or ghost-related (those are my favorites).

    You can read more of Rhiannon’s travel stories over at Liebemarlene.

    Photos by Drew Tyndell

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