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Inside Steven Alan

A Conversation with Blanca Monrós Gómez

  • We’ve been longtime admirers of the simple, pared-down look of Blanca Monrós Gómez’s eponymous jewelry collection. Made with recycled metals, her delicate pieces are a big hit among our staff and clients alike. The Barcelona native, who initially trained as an industrial designer, talked to us about her process, inspiration, and her grandmother’s paella.

    You spent your childhood in Barcelona, a city we love. Do you ever go back to visit? What is your favorite thing to do there?

    Yes,  I am from Barcelona and I grew up there.  I moved away in my early 20′s.  It is still home, and I go back at least once or twice a year because all my family is there.  It is a wonderful city – bright and sunny and with lots of things to do but without the hectic stress of New York.  Life seems so much more relaxed there, and people seem to take more time to stop and enjoy things.  Of course, I love the food!  Both my mum and grandma are wonderful cooks so there is always delicious home cooking, especially my 85-year-old grandmother’s Paella – the best that you will ever have!  I love all the architecture (even more so since I married an architect) and revisiting some of my favorite buildings.  But two of my absolute favorite Barcelona things to do are to have Chocolata amb churros (hot chocolate and fried dough) and as many Tallats (espresso and steamed milk) as I can handle!

    There’s a beautiful simplicity to your jewelry. How do you think your background in industrial design influences your work?

    Studying industrial design helped me realize that so many products are designed and made for the short term.  And I knew I didn’t want to do that.  I want to create pieces of jewelry that last – something that can be passed down to daughters and nieces.  I always try to design pieces that are simple but interesting  enough that you can wear everyday and  I never put in the collection something that I wouldn’t love to wear myself.

    How did you start working with recycled metals?

    It was  kind of a natural transition, since I had a lot of extra scraps and little pieces.  I started using them to make beaded pieces.  That’s how the seed collection got started.

    Is it the materials that first inspire you or do you usually have an idea in mind before designing?

    It’s a little of both. I love rummaging through victorian trinquets at flea markets, and I’m also very inspired by finds i the park such as seed pods and twigs and branches.  Sometimes while designing with wax and sculpting pieces the idea sort of unveils itself.

    Any plans to expand into other categories?

    Yes! I started working with house wares a while back and made a few spoons.  I would like to be able add to that and build a whole set. I have also been having fun working on little tiny earrings and bracelets for my daughter..

    Since it’s around the corner, what’s your ideal Mother’s Day?

    A slow morning  reading “This is London” by Miroslav Sasek for my kids – that’s their favorite right now – and maybe having some yummy pancakes . . .

    Thanks to Blanca for sharing her stories and photos. You can shop her designs in select stores and our web shop. We’ll also be hosting an event with Blanca at our Brooklyn shop on April 28 from 1 -5 PM, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

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