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Inside Steven Alan

Store Highlight: Tribeca

  • Our Tribeca Annex at 103 Franklin Street is our oldest and largest store. Store Manager Matt and Assistant Store Manager Alex talk shop:

    {Alex and Matt}

    What do you love about the store and this area?

    Alex: We love the Tribeca flagship because it’s such a core part of who we are as a company. It all started down in this area, so it’s great to be in the center of it. It’s also a real destination location as well, especially on the weekends. People come down here specifically to visit with us, and maybe have a little brunch along the way.

    Matt: I love that there are larger families down here and they have a lot of pets that they bring into the store. It’s nice because they’ll bring their friends and relatives when they come into town and they’ll spend an hour to two hours in the store at a time. When they walk by at night and see us closing up, they wave or pop in and say hi even if they’re not coming in to shop. It’s definitely a very friendly, personable clientele.

    What are some items you’re really excited to have in the store right now?
    Matt: For men, our Oliver Short and the Short Sleeve Single Needle in the bee print, which also comes in a long sleeve. Also, Baldwin denim – I wear them daily. I’m super pumped on the Acne suits, which are super light and slim fitting. There’s a style that’s pressed like a two-button but you can have it re-pressed to be a three-button. The fits are great and the colors are really good for the season.

    {Acne 3-button blazer}

    We also have some great Wings + Horns items. Their henley is great for summer days. Highland pants and shirts are awesome – I’ve been wearing them for the past couple of days. And the striped Jungmaven tees, which are really soft. They’re an organic cotton and hemp blend all made in the US, but they have to import the hemp from South America. It’s actually bleached out so it’s not a dip dye or anything – it’s like a reverse dye. The shoes that I’m most excited about, I would say are the New Balance Italian M991 sneaker and the Clae Gregory.

    {Jungmaven Short Sleeve Stripe Tee}

    {New Balance 991 DNR}

    Alex: I’m obsessed with our Steven Alan Fletcher Dress – the print is bananas. It’s part of our later delivery. Steven and the design team have done some really interesting things with print this season and brought it in very thoughtfully. It’s the perfect little summertime dress with the open back. Another recent arrival is our Erin Short which comes in juicy colors. It’s a classic, tailored short and the the brights hues work with so many great neutrals. The Spring collection was inspired by the paintings of New England artist Alex Katz, and I really see that in the most recent delivery.

    {Our Fletcher Dress}

    We’re also really loving Whitney Pozgay’s WHIT collection this season – great prints and silhouettes, and an interesting use of fabric, texture and color. It’s a really wearable collection that speaks to both a younger client and an older client. She designs clothing that really fits women’s bodies and that women want to wear, which is exciting to sell. Another collection that I’m really excited about that I’d never worked with before is Something Else by Natalie Wood. We just got it in a few weeks ago and it just has a fabulous 90′s nostalgia vibe to it. The reaction has been very positive.

    In terms of accessories, Clare Vivier bags are always popular. We’re always excited when we get a new batch in. Wendy Nichol‘s leather bags are also fantastic. She’s so chic and has such a great perspective. Her collection is really consistent and evolves subtly. The bags are handmade here in New York, and the pieces are so luxe but still feel very organic with a craftswoman’s touch. Another bag line we’ve is been carrying Lotuff. Each bag is handcrafted in New England in an old factory that’s been around for ages. I love the really rich blue-black, which takes away any notion that navy can’t be cool.

    {Lotuff Small Leather Duffle}

    We also take a lot of pride in our footwear assortment here. It’s really exciting having the collections that we have here, the different price options and variety of styles from casual to elegant. A Détacher is one I’ve always loved – Mona is one of our favorite New York designers. Her footwear is really wearable but it’s really progressive and a fairly universal option for women who feel like they might be intimidated by wearing some of her other pieces. We have a lot of great Rachel Comey in, too. That’s really done well.

    {A Détacher Sandal Wedge}

    {Rachel Comey Coral Sandal}

    What are customers interested in this season?
    Matt: Our male customers are also really drawn to the New Balance and Clae I just mentioned, but also the Nikes and Vans. They’re the California issued Vans so they have extra padding in the sole and they’re anti-fungal too. The Levi’s Vintage 519 Bedfords are so popular we’ve reordered them twice already. Those and the Simon Miller Slim Straight dark denim are our customers favorites. For the wedding season, there’s been a lot of interest in our Oliver Suit. And shirting, always.

    {Vans LPE CA}

    {The shirting wall}

    {New shirts for spring}

    Alex: Our Rita Dress. You can’t really look at it without imagining yourself wearing it with a pair of flat leather sandals and your hair down, on a patio with a summertime cocktail. It’s great for this in-between weather too, with a pair of Isabel Marant Dicker boots, a slouchy grandpa cardigan and a loose Lem Lem scarf. We also got in new No. 6 sandals for the season, which always makes the ladies go nuts. They’re so wearable and really comfortable. I work on my feet and I wear them all day long. They’re handmade in the US by Sven, and to be able to get the quality for under $300 feels good. There’s always a lot of excitement around the Acne collection we have in the store – denim, basics, and footwear.  Isabel Marant is always extremely popular. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

    Jewelry is a really interesting category to do and a big part of what we do in Tribeca.  Our assortment continues to grow and we have really built the store into a jewelry destination. We have a really great fine jewelry selection that has a very specific perspective that relates so much to the Steven Alan brand as a whole. We have so many customers that are Steven Alan jewelry customers who will come in with layered pieces from Satomi Kawakita, Blanca Monrós Gómez, Jerry Grant . . . many of the collections have sort of a sweet minimalism to them.

    Matt: People are coming in and shopping for engagement rings, wedding bands, or rings to stack with their wedding bands. We have return customers for rings because they buy one and will have another one on their list that they’ll come back to get and stack them.

    {Jewelry from Samma}

    Alex: We also have a large watch assortment that came out of Steven’s love of vintage watches. I had never worked in an environment that focused so much on timepieces and gotten to know the timepiece customer. Carrying the vintage pieces is really interesting – it’s been an educational experience for me. We love having them in here. The Junghans collection is gorgeous and customers go nuts when they find out we have it here.  They’re a fine Swiss watch company and it’s not very widely distributed in the US. They’re very masculine but elegant. We also get some really serious timepiece devotees who come here to check out the vintage watches.

    Any favorite neighborhood spots?
    Alex: For a great cup of coffee and lovely baked goods, Grandaisy. I love to start my day there. Birdbath also has amazing baked goods.

    Matt: RBC coffee is also great. They have a coffee machine there that’s like a bajillion dollars. With a crazy name like the Ninja or something. Also, Billy’s Bakery for treats. The peanut butter chocolate cookie is our go-to. We buy them in the dozens. I buy cookies all the time. I just love cookies. The Tribeca Tavern is one of our after work hangout spots. They have really good burgers at night. Also South’s on Church Street is another spot that has a lot of drafts and good food. For break time, you get your lunch to go from Columbine and go down to the park on White Street near Grandaisy. It’s the only spot that has sun all day, no matter what time you go. The ARC, the record place, is awesome.

    Come by and say hello at 103 Franklin, and check out more of our neighborhood tips on foursquare.

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