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The Petiole Silk T-Shirt Dress

  • May 7th, 2012 | In Stock

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    Petiole’s silk T-shirt Dress has quickly become a go-to for women looking for an unfussy yet luxurious staple. We asked a couple of the designers’ friends – The Food Life‘s Lauren Levinger and Refinery29‘s Leila Brillson – to share what makes the dress such a key player in their wardrobes.

    Name: Lauren Levinger
    Occupation: Editor-in-Chief, The Food Life
    What’s your favorite part of your job? The eating! I’ve always loved food in a major way.
    How did you get to know Petiole? I was friends with Melissa and I remember when she first started talking about the concept behind the line, and it was kind of lingerie-inspired. I thought it was going to be awesome, and it’s so exciting to see it come to fruition – it’s beautiful and I’m a huge fan.
    How would you wear the T-shirt dress? Their clothes are just so easy to wear. You could just throw them on and kind of make them into whatever you want. I would wear it with my distressed leather jacket but then I could also make it a bit fancier. I can see myself going to Fort Greene Park wearing it to a picnic, but also going out on a date in it. The way that they’ve done it makes it really versatile.

    Name: Leila Brillson
    Occupation: Refinery29 Editor
    What’s your favorite part of your job? The overwhelming enthusiasm people have about their projects, the world around them, and their work. It’s a really, really enthusiastic group.
    How did you get introduced to the brand? I’m also friends with Melissa and when she first started Petiole, she came to me with the lookbook and I immediately thought Refinery29 should see it – it was so feminine and fun.  I remember the first little lookbook which was really basic and simple, but ultra-feminine and so wearable. So now I’ve watched it grow. It’s interesting because it grew from inner wear to outerwear – it was almost lingerie. Now it’s got a luxurious, comfy feeling, but it’s not over the top and you don’t need to layer it.
    How would you wear the T-shirt dress? Oh my gosh, where wouldn’t I wear it? You could literally do anything with it. You could put a denim jacket over it for a Saturday afternoon, or a blazer and go out to dinner with it. Because it’s such fine silk, it goes with everything. You can dress it up or down. If feel like if I wore my hair up and a pretty pair of earrings it would be appropriate for a really nice dinner. Or, you could wear fishnet tights and boots with it.

    Designers Cori and Melissa: This dress embodies everything we wanted from Petiole that makes women feel good – things that drape right over the body, that are easy from night to day, that can be dressed up or down to work and out and then again the next day. It’s made of crepe de chine. For most of our silks we do a double wash to add texture. People are normally scared of silks and don’t wear them day to day, but instead of a shiny look, the double wash makes it more heathered. The matte fabric on this dress also makes it more daytime appropriate. All of our pieces are inspired by vintage lingerie and vintage garment construction. This one has layers of silk underneath like a petticoat so it feels great inside but looks clean and modern on the outside.

    Thanks to Cori, Melissa, Lauren, and Leila! You can see more from Petiole in our stores and our web shop.

    - Photos by Billy Pavone

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