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Portraits in Motion: PS 42 at the Guggenheim

  • May 11th, 2012 | Uncategorized

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    Wednesday night at the Guggenheim, a crowd gathered to celebrate the museum’s Learning Through Art program. Taught by teaching artists in partnership with New York City public school teachers, the program uses the 1400 participating students’ social studies lessons as a framework for artistic exploration. When we last checked in with the 5th graders at PS 42, they were just starting to learn to sew, incorporating some of our donated fabric remnants into their work.

    For their final exhibition project, titled Portraits in Motion, students created mobiles based on historical figures that they were learning about. Utilizing skills and techniques they had developed over the course of the program, students created four sides to these mixed-media mobiles, each representing a different aspect of their story. Outfitted in their best suits and dresses, the students were eager to share their work with visitors, explaining the materials, process, and context behind it.

    Teaching artist Jen Cecere commented, “The project added another dimension to what they were learning about in social studies class. They get really involved, and it becomes more meaningful to them. It makes learning fun.”

    {Harriet Tubman mobile}



    Thanks to the PS 42 5th graders, for sharing their work with us! It will be on view through June 13. You can find out more about the A Year With Children exhibition here.

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