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Inside Steven Alan

Q&A: Rachel Comey

  • May 24th, 2012 | Spring 2012

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    We’ve been fans of Rachel since her first collection in 2001 and have carried the line since the beginning. Her thoughtfully designed pieces have become wardrobe staples for both our customers and staff alike. We recently spoke to her about her travels, inspiration, and next ventures.

    You’ve had so many iconic designs in your collections over the years. What are some of your personal favorites?
    Hmm, good question. I do have some oldies that come out every year at some point. One favorite was the popcorn dress, which was a cotton dress that is all plain and simple on top and then just pops out in volume at the bottom.

    {Julia wearing the Rachel Comey Beach Dress, available at our Tribeca shop}

    You have a place in Greenport. What are some of your favorite Long Island haunts?
    Well, there are so many great waterfronts out there . . . my favorite being 59 Steps which is off of Sound Avenue, It’s 59 steps down to the rocky beach where on the most beautiful summer day, you will only find a few people, dogs, and fishermen. Other spots are KK’s Farm on the Main Road for the most amazing bio-dynamically grown vegetables. The Coronet Diner on the corner of Main and Front Streets. Also, the Shipwreck Alley at Triangle Sea Sales for finding all sorts of interesting hardware and rusty ropes. I also like riding the ferry to Shelter Island for a little bike ride or afternoon cocktail in town. I can go on and on. It’s so lovely out there! Wish I had more time to spend there.

    {The Corbey Dress}

    What inspired the Spring/Summer collection?
    For Spring we were inspired by landscape photo collages, and especially those of the French artist, Rosemarie Auberson. We also did a few trompe l’oeil prints of winter fabrics, like cable knit sweaters and woven wool plaids. We were playing with textures and print surfaces, but keeping things generally casual and fresh feeling.

    We hear you’ve been to Peru quite a bit. Any places or things to do that you’d recommend?
    Hmm, well I haven’t been there in a while actually. But, the Peruvian cuisine is really delicious and you really don’t have to go to anyplace special. There are many fresh and delicious spots all over Lima.

    {The Jasper top}

    You recently had a baby. Any chance you’ll do baby clothes in the future?
    Haha. Everyone asks that! I don’t really see it happening anytime soon. When a girlfriend of mine was pregnant, I did make her a few little shower gifts. Some sort of one shoulder ruffle number made out of some old printed cotton voile we had in stock. It was a show stopper, I’d say. But, I think that particular friend inspired me! With my own son, he just seems so cute to me, I don’t mind if he wears clothes my mom even picks out. Ha.

    Many thanks to Rachel! You can currently check out items from her Spring collection in our Tribeca and Brooklyn stores, as well as in our web shop.

    - Photos by David Gonzalez

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