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Recipe: Morris Kitchen Summer Lemon Spritzer

  • Morris Kitchen’s Ginger Syrup and Boiled Apple Cider Syrup have become staples in our kitchen, so we were excited when the new Preserved Lemon Syrup arrived. Food artisan Kari Morris has been playing around with preserving lemons for a while, and the end result is a delicious flavor that’s more savory than sweet, with subtle hints of pink peppercorn and cardamom. Kari also created a refreshing drink recipe for us to share, just in time for the heat wave:

    {Morris Kitchen syrups and recipes at our Hayes Valley shop}

    Summer Lemon Spritzer

    1 oz. Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup
    1/4 cucumber peeled and cubed
    Dash of celery bitters
    Crushed ice
    High ball glass

    Muddle cucumber, then add bitters and syrup. Shake over crushed ice. Pour into a tall glass and top off with seltzer. Stir and enjoy.

    Thanks, Kari! We can’t wait to try it. You can find Morris Kitchen syrups in our stores and in our web shop.

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