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Inside Steven Alan

Store Highlight: Upper West Side Outpost

  • Our Upper West Side Outpost is one of our oldest shops in New York.  We love going there and using it as an excuse to shop at all the food emporiums nearby. We recently chatted with the team about the shop:

    {Store Manager Mo}

    What do you love about the shop and neighborhood?

    Mo: I love the shop because you’ll always find something if you spend time looking, and even if you don’t on your first visit chances are when you come back the next time we’ll have something different for you. There are a lot of gems – older SA shirts from Spring 2010 to A Detacher dresses for the ladies from Fall ’11. I love the neighborhood because it is very community oriented and feels like everyone knows each other. And there are so many places to eat!

    Tim: I like how family oriented the neighborhood is. We are lucky to have many wonderful local families as customers. The UWS is not as much of a major shopping destination as some other neighborhoods in the city, but there are definitely more and more great stores and brands opening locations around here. It’s nice to contribute to that and represent SA here in a way that is appropriate for the neighborhood and it’s residents. We have people from downtown, Brooklyn and even Japan coming up here for the deals.

    What are some items that customers love?

    Tim: Men love our assortment up here, which includes our iconic Reverse Seam and Single Needle shirts. Swimwear has been really great lately. The Saltbox bathing suits have been very popular. Our dresses are a big seller with women, including the Cameron and Harman dresses. The Felix and Harvey tanks have also been great because of their simplicity and light weight for the warmer weather. The Sessun V-back dress is a big favorite as well for summer wedding season.

    Mo: Guys have definitely been interested in our selection of Filson bags. Edith Miller is a staple up here as well – we’re always reordering! Our Marley sweater has also been very popular for women because of the fit and fabrication – it’s 100% linen which makes it light enough to wear on breezier days.

    What are you really excited about this season?

    Tim:  For women, I think our Annette Jacket and the Danny Pant in the black ivory plaid is awesome. I tried convincing Jaisy, one of our team members up here, to get the complete suit because I know I couldn’t pull it off. It’s bold and beautiful. I am also partial to the Haney Dress. It’s flattering and the detailing on the front is nice. We have it in a great light blue that is perfect for summer in the city. The Cacharel 4 Button Cap Sleeve Dress is classy and understatedly cool. Plus, it has big pockets.

    For men I like our Short Toggle Coat. The light weight, size and hood make it an easy and versatile jacket for different seasons. It also has big inside pockets! I also really like the Band of Outsiders short sleeve button ups. The styles are a great mix of modern and classic. They can be worn by a variety of men with different styles.

    Mo: I’d have to go with Tim on the Danny Pants. The fit is absolutely perfect for women, although I suggest sizing up a bit because they tend to run small. I’ve always loved the silhouette of the Classic Shirt Dress which we have in a light denim linen, very easy to wear with a pair of sandals or flats.  For the guys – the perfect summer staple are the solid color t-shirts from Jungmaven which are all made from organic hemp.

    What are some neighborhood spots you like?

    Tim: If you don’t come to the UWS often, going to Zabar’s is definitely worth it. Check out their cheese counter. Of course we have the always reliable Shake Shack across from the Natural History Museum (make a day of it and wander around the museum, some of their displays/sections are delightfully outdated). Also check out the planetarium – they sometimes have a laser rock show that’s a real trip. A fancy new grilled cheese spot opened around the corner from us on 83rd between Amsterdam and Columbus called Say Cheese. It’s about 10 bucks per sandwich but I quickly set aside saving money on lunch after trying the Gruyere and French onion. Or use your money for treasures at Mo’s favorite spot, the Goodwill store on 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway.

    Mo: I’m always in the Goodwill Store – the one in this neighborhood has a great selection of things more so then the ones downtown. I picked up a Yashica T4 35mm film camera for $5.99. There is also a really cool book store called Westsider Books that has some rare books and records for cheap!

    Thanks to Mo, Tim, and Jaisy! Stop by and say hello at 465 Amsterdam Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Streets.

    - Photos by Tim Dollard

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