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Staff Travels: Tim Visits Israel and Jordan

  • August 14th, 2012 | Photos, Travels

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    Tim from our Upper West Side Outpost recently took a trip to Israel and Jordan with his family. He shared some highlights from his visit with us:

    This was my first time visiting Israel. This is at the Dead Sea. Because of the massive amount of salt, the water is a beautiful color.

    It’s also impossible to swim in. You can only float. It’s a strange feeling.


    The Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. When you get close to it you can see the hundreds of tiny pieces of paper stuffed into each crevice in the wall – the wishes of so many people.

    I went to Jordan to see Petra, a UNESCO world heritage site, and Wadi Rum, a large valley. This is a sunset from my hotel near Petra.

    This façade in Petra is one of the most well preserved of the hundreds in the valley. It’s an incredible place. You begin by walking in a narrow hallway created by towering rock on either side. As you follow the path and turn a corner suddenly you get a glimpse of the first of many carved out caves. This one known as the Treasury. The detail of the carvings and color of the rock are awe-inspiring.

    After the shaded hallway-like entrance you enter the huge expanse of the valley where the majority of the structures remain. Our guide insisted that the view from atop this mountain was worth the hundreds of rock-cut stairs we would have to climb. He ran the whole way up! I tried keeping up for the first ten minutes and then was quickly out of breath. There were mountain goats grazing in small pockets of the mountain.

    Thanks to Tim for sharing his photos! You can check out more of our staff’s travels here.

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