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Holiday Q&A with A Cup of Jo

  • We recently caught up with one of our favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo, and chatted with her about her holiday plans:

    What’s your favorite thing about winter in NYC?
    We live in the West Village, and our neighborhood playground does a tree lighting ceremony on a December evening. They play music and wrap Christmas lights around all the tall trees. My son loves it so much, and it makes our everyday playground feel magical.

    How will you be spending the holidays this year?
    We’re lucky enough to be flying to California! We rented a rad midcentury house in Palm Springs with our relatives, and I’m excited to swim and eat tacos in the sunshine. Very different from my snowy childhood winters in Michigan.

    We love warming up our homes for the holidays with some trimmings, but it can be a challenge in small, urban spaces. Do you have a tip on how to bring a festive vibe to an NYC apartment?
    We actually drape fairy lights around our living room furniture. My husband even puts them around the TV! It makes the room look surprisingly beautiful when all the other lights are off.

    Do you have any unique or interesting holiday traditions?
    My relatives are all English, and in England, you put stockings by your bed, instead of hanging them on the living room mantle. We’re keeping the tradition going with Toby . . . although it makes it much trickier to fill them when your child is snoozing right there!

    What’s your favorite winter food?
    My friend just invented a genius recipe for chocolate milk. You use half regular milk and half coconut milk. It’s incredibly rich and delicious.

    Favorite holiday memory:
    Last Christmas, our son Toby (who was one at the time) didn’t say many words yet. But while opening his stocking, after each little gift, he would exclaim,”Yay!” It was one of his first words, and just the sweetest moment to watch him keep bursting with excitement over things like toys, cars, and tiny harmonicas.

    Best gift you’ve ever gotten:
    My mom and I have always daydreamed about visiting Paris together, so one Christmas, we gave the gift to each other. I gave her her ticket, and she gave me mine. We had to use frequent flier miles to help afford it, so we couldn’t actually take the trip until the following August. But it was worth the wait.

    Be honest – have you ever re-gifted?
    (Ha! All the time.)

    How do you go about choosing a gift?
    When I’m picking a gift, I think about the person overall – their hobbies, their plans for the year, what makes them laugh, how they spend a Sunday morning. Then, as I’m mulling them over, a gift usually pops into my mind.

    What are five items on your wishlist for your home and for Toby?
    Impossible to choose! But my top five might be . . .

    A white cotton shirt for Toby, since he wants to be exactly like Daddy

    Striped blanket for watching movies on the sofa this winter

    A manly Filson umbrella for my husband, because the $3 deli ones always break!

    A soy fig candle for cozy nights in

    Ruffle panty because it’s just too cute

    Many thanks to Joanna!

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One Response to “Holiday Q&A with A Cup of Jo”

  1. Amanda says:

    The gift of Paris… beautiful.