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Holiday Q&A with Bonnie Tsang

  • We talked to Bonnie Tsang, one of our favorite bloggers and photographers, about how she’ll be spending the holidays with her 8-year-old daughter, and also found out what’s on her wish list:

    {Photographed by her daughter, Miss V}

    What’s your favorite thing about an LA winter? Do you ever find yourself secretly wishing it would snow?
    The weather!  We have gloomy and rainy days sometimes, but most of the time we’re spoiled by the sun.  I don’t think I’ve secretly wished it would snow, but the thought of spending the holidays in Montana has crossed my mind.

    How will you and your daughter be spending the holidays this year?
    I’m planning to take my daughter to Hong Kong, my beloved hometown.  It’s quite festive there during the holidays!

    {Miss V goes to work on the tree, via Bonnie’s Instagram}

    What’s your favorite winter activity?
    Eat, watch Apple TV all day, and travel to Palm Springs.

    Whose (imaginary) holiday party would you love to attend?
    Saul Leiter’s, I would just be a total stalker and observe everything he does and says because he’s my favorite photographer.

    Describe your ideal winter weekend.
    First thing in the morning, I’d sneak into my daughter’s bed to tickle her and give her a little kiss.  Then I’d prep for coffee and a nice hearty breakfast.  After that, my daughter and I would spend a few hours in the city visiting museums, have lunch, and get cupcakes.  When we’re home in the late afternoon, I would make dinner and we would eat by the couch for a movie night.

    {Lunch at Heirloom LA, via Bonnie’s Instagram}

    What’s your favorite winter food?

    Which Instagram feeds are you following right now?
    My daughter’s, @missvenise; Joe Zee, @mrjoezee; Brett, @mint_taurus; Michael Newsted, @michaelnewsted; Patrick Janelle, @aguynamedpatrick; Rodrigo, @rodrigo_

    The holidays are a popular time to take photos (and squeeze everyone in for a group picture). Do you have any photography tips for us?
    My tip would be to not fuss.  Our culture is so visually driven nowadays that everyone wants their pictures to be perfect; kids have to sit still, moms want to put on lipstick first, or move family members around the house for the perfect spot . . . but the pictures that will bring back memories are often the ones that aren’t posed or perfectly composed because that’s realness, that’s what make us go, “Oh look, remember when…”

    What are five items that are currently on your wish list?

    Bag ‘N’ Noun Canvas Tool Bag #11

    Demy Lee Jonathan Sweater

    Nike Women’s Liberty Dunk Sky Hi

    Steven Alan Tunic Shirt

    Sugahara Small Night Carafe

    Many thanks to Bonnie (and Miss V)!

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