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Holiday Q&A with Pennyweight

  • We caught up with our friend Elise Joseph, the voice behind the blog Pennyweight and Media Director for imogene + willie, to talk about her plans for the holidays. She also shared some gift ideas for one of her best friends, Amanda.

    What’s your favorite thing about winter in Nashville?
    Wintertime in Nashville is usually a pleasant surprise. We’ll have 60 degree days, perfect for strolling through the park, followed by a snow day where the entire town shuts down. You can never quite know what to expect.

    How will you be spending the holidays this year?
    This year I head “home” (even though Nashville is my true home!) to spend the holidays with my parents in Colorado. I love that I’m guaranteed a white Christmas in the mountains!

    Do you have a favorite winter food and/or drink?
    I love warm, chocolate-y drinks with a hint of peppermint, or a big mug of mulled wine. Homemade molasses cookies covered in sugar are my favorite festive treat and perfect for dunking in said drinks.

    Best holiday memory:
    Piling into the car with friends to drive around and look at holiday lights and decorations.

    Something you learned this year:
    The importance of listening!

    How do you go about choosing gifts?
    I try to make notes and jot down things throughout the year, so that gifts always have an element of surprise.

    Describe your ideal winter weekend.
    Staying warm indoors! Sleeping in, cooking a big homemade brunch in my pajamas and curling up by the fire. A weekend unplugged with quality downtime and friends.

    How did you and your friend Amanda meet?
    Amanda and I had heard about each other through a mutual friend, but officially met when we worked together briefly at a local boutique about five years ago. We’ve been through a lot together in such a short time!

    What’s something you hope to do together next year?
    Amanda is moving to New York in the spring, so I hope to spend as much time together as possible before then! Professionally, we’d love to shoot a video of a beautiful dinner party, and for fun, we’re planning a visit to my family’s cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

    Which 5 items would you gift Amanda?

    imogene + willie Barton Slim Jeans. They may technically be men’s jeans, but every gal could use a good pair of boyfriend jeans. I have a pair of Bartons and can vouch that they are truly the best!

    Steven Alan Rosada Sweater. A cozy sweater perfect for borrowing.

    Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch. A best friend’s dream: a Clare Vivier bag. Practical, classic, and the leather gets even better with age – just like our friendship.

    Odette New York Arrow Ring. A modern day version of a friendship bracelet.

    Khadi and Co. Multi Plaid Blanket. For cozying up for movie day on the sofa or picnicking in the park in the warmer seasons to come.

    Thanks, Elise! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out her guest post featuring some of her favorite places in Nashville.

    - Photos courtesy of Elise Joseph

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