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To Do in LA: Stanley Kubrick @ LACMA

  • We recently checked out the Stanley Kubrick retrospective at LACMA. The first major Kubrick retrospective in the US, the installation, designed by Patti Podesta, covers a body of work spanning over 40+ years and features over 600 objects culled from the celebrated filmmaker’s personal archives. Items on display include Kubrick’s early work as a photographer in the 40′s while still a teenager, drafts of screenplays, behind-the-scenes photos, film clips, an array of cameras and lenses, props and costumes, artwork that inspired him, as well as personal belongings (among them, his chess set and his mother’s scrapbook). The exhibition takes viewers through the progression of his work, highlighting his obsessive attention to detail, and celebrates the unique visual worlds of each of his films and the indelible impressions they made on our cultural landscape.

    The exhibit runs through the end of June ’13.  LACMA is also currently screening Kubrick’s films in chronological order. You can view the schedule here.

    - Photos: Antoinette Cardenas

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