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East Hampton Winter To Do

  • Though East Hampton tends to quiet down in the winter, it can actually be a great time to visit. David, our EH Store Manager, has been enjoying his first winter there and shared some of his suggestions for things to do in the sleepy season.

    Theres a tiny movie theater out here which is cool to go to in the winter because hardly anyone is there. Even on the weekend, seats are always available. It’s small, cozy, and intimate, much like East Hampton.

    I’m a big fan of Scoop du Jour on Newtown Lane. I’m always drawn to the smell of bacon and and eggs cooking in the morning, which makes me think of home. It’s a place where you can get a solid breakfast sandwich and start your day off right. Not to mention, they make fresh Dressen’s donuts daily, which are famous around here.


    Being from California, I’m used to a completely different type of beach and landscape. The beaches in East Hampton and even further down Long Island are amazing. My girlfriend and I recently traveled down to Montauk to check out some of the beaches, which are known for good surfing. It was quiet, the sun was shining so bright, and it was really peaceful to be on the beach listening to waves crash and walking along the sand feeling that crisp winter air bite our noses. If you go, you should also check out a place called The Dock, which is open all year. It’s the best place for clam chowder, and steamers. They have weird rules and strange pictures in the bathroom. It’s really old-school Montauk. Also, Gurney’s is a hotel right on the ocean. Every year on New Year’s Day, they have a Polar Bear Dip (which Steven has done).  If you can’t get out to Montauk, there’s also Main beach in East Hampton, and the beaches in Amagansett are always fantastic.

    We like to grab a pint and some food at Rowdy Hall. It’s a great pub for when we want to be hidden away and enjoy quality drinks with some good bar food. It has a nice little fireplace to sit by and the bartender is a pretty interesting dude to chat with.

    If you’re looking for some fun at night, there’s the Talkhouse in Amagansett right down the road. It’s super busy in the summer, but when winter rolls around it’s fun to go to because there’s standing room, sitting room, the drinks are always solid, and it’s affordable. A lot of good acts come through.

    Thanks, David! Read more about our East Hampton shop here.

    Photos: 1. Gordon M. Grant for The New York Times 2. Flickr 3. Long Island Restaurant News.

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One Response to “East Hampton Winter To Do”

  1. OMG—I’m really glad I live in Sag Harbor otherwise I would be so tempted to eat those donuts EVERYDAY. Don’t forget Race Lane restaurant. Great atmosphere, Jay and Rowada couldn’t be nicer and Mama Lee will be playing there on Super Bowl Sunday – the food is fabulous!
    If you do get to Sag Harbor (lots of activities on Harbor Frost weekend Feb 8th & 9th) check out my artisan store inside the Sag Harbor Florist. I’m actually open that weekend, in spite of technically being closed this winter (till mid March) so I can be in my gold smithing studio making new work for Spring!
    m a d e
    3 Bay Street Sag Harbor