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ALASDAIR Event + Q&A with April Johnson

  • February 4th, 2013 | Events, New Arrivals

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    Join us tomorrow night for an event at our Tribeca shop featuring looks from ALASDAIR’s Spring/Summer ’13 collection, which just arrived in stores, along with engraving by In God We Trust and a live performance by Amalie Bruun and Brian Harding of Ex Cops.


    We caught up with ALASDAIR designer April Johnson:


    You’ve worn many hats, working as a fashion editor, stylist, consultant, and PR pro. How do you think these roles prepared you for launching your own label?

    Wearing many hats has played a very big role in the evolution of ALASDAIR. The experience of dressing other people has taught me that it is the details or the fabrics and the cuts of the clothing that make you feel luxurious. I found that most women and men in my life are looking for timeless staples in their closets. This is what inspired ALASDAIR.

    This is our second season with Alasdair. Our staff and customers really respond to the modern yet timeless silhouettes and there’s a really graceful fluidity to all of the pieces. What inspires the ALASDAIR aesthetic?

    Menswear has been a huge influence. I’ve always loved chic, tailored clothes. I also enjoy the challenge of making simple silhouettes that flatter for all body types. I am tall and a size 10 so I actually fit into men’s clothes well and love suiting and oversized button downs and trousers.

    Tell us a bit about the design process – how do you begin and how do you know when you’re finished?

    I don’t think there is an actual beginning to it. It’s an ongoing process, every season is constantly moving with me. A core of the line was inspired by the elegant staples that my mother used to wear in the 80′s. It’s impossible to ever think that there is a finish line. It’s constantly evolving.

    What are your favorite materials to work with?

    Fine silks are my favorite. There is so much to do with them and it’s just a great material that looks amazing on. I wear silks all year long. Fine woolens are also, a good structured wool piece really makes a statement.

    The collection has a distinctive, New York character, and you’ve described it as being a real New York girl’s uniform. What do you consider to be the essentials in an NYC wardrobe?

    Well, black would be too obvious, right? I think there’s a gap in the “essentials” out there. I have aspired to design a collection that consists of pieces that you can combine with what you already love in your closet.

    What staples do you find yourself reaching for again and again?

    A perfect trouser, a perfect blouse, and jackets . . . I feel like a beautiful jacket can make your look.

    What would be your ideal weekend?

    I am a workoholic. If it were not for the structure of the week’s end I would not stop. I really think it’s important to take a step back and enjoy your family and friends on the weekends.

    Many thanks to April! You can find ALASDAIR at our Tribeca, Chelsea, Brooklyn, La Brea, and web shops.

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