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A Moment With . . . Walter Foods

  • February 6th, 2013 | Food

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    Danny Minch and Dylan Dodd are co-owners of a couple of our favorite restaurants: Walter Foods in Williamsburg and Walter’s in Fort Greene. Dylan also owns Barrio Chino on the Lower East Side, a popular staff destination, and happens to be married to shoe designer Elisa Restrepo, one half of Dieppa Restrepo (another favorite). We recently caught up with the duo:


    Where are you from?
    Dylan: Seattle, WA
    Danny: The Upper West Side of Manhattan

    What’s the story behind the name?
    Dylan: It’s largely because of Danny’s famous bulldog named Walter, and we like the old time feel of the name. It sounds like the name of your favorite bartender that wears a bowtie, welcomes you to the bar, and knows what you like to drink.

    Favorite dish or drink off of your own menu:
    Dylan: Right now it is grilled lamb chops with chili lime marinade. Finger-licking good.
    Danny: I think our fried chicken is pretty damn good. French dip is a close second. I’m also looking forward to our lobster pot pie. We’re putting it on the menu soon. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t say it’s a favorite yet. As for drink – a Bitter Margarita. I love tequila and Campari. I’d exfoliate with it if I didn’t have sensitive skin.

    Favorite dish at another restaurant:
    Dylan: Steak tacos at Barrio Chino (sorry . . . I plugged my other restaurant). Seriously though, they are pretty damn good.
    Danny: Steak for Two at Minetta Tavern. Pork chop at Vinegar Hill. Both simple, but nailed to perfection.

    Something you’re looking forward to in 2013:
    Dylan: Immigration reform and the Seattle Supersonics coming home . . .
    Danny: Being less neurotic. Buying my first pair of jeans since the 6th grade. Cooking more.

    Ingredient you’re currently obsessed with:
    Dylan: Bok Choy. I have been craving it for a while but don’t know where to get it. [Note: You're in luck. Steven lives in Chinatown and suggests the Chinese markets on Grand or East Broadway. You can also get it at Hong Kong Supermarket on Hester Street or the one in Dyker Heights]
    Danny: I’ll let you know after I start cooking more.

    Irritating restaurant trend(s):
    Dylan: Yelp.
    Danny: There’s an overall lack of graciousness that I see all over the place. It drives me nuts. That, and bartenders that are so obsessed with their jiggers and measuring, that they forget about the customer.

    How would you describe your personal style?
    Dylan: I buy things I will still like in 10 years.
    Danny: “Barely holding on.”

    Any items on your wishlist at our shop?
    Dylan: Some old school Nike’s. I love Steven Alan. I go there often with my wife to see her shoe brand, Dieppa Restrepo. We went in last weekend and saw some cool Nike’s but they didn’t have my size :( – maybe you can help me out.
    Danny: A new line for “short, stocky men.” Seriously though, I love all of his shirts. I’ve got a bunch, but could always use more. I’d also have to say a good pair of work pants.

    When entertaining, what’s your go-to dish and drink?
    Dylan: Roast chicken. I live near Marlow and Daughters butcher shop. Their chickens are delicious. I find the smaller they are, the more tasty they are. 1.5 hours in the oven with anything.
    Danny: I’m looking forward to grilling this spring, so I’ll go with a simple piece of grilled fish, or meat, and a Dark n Stormy.

    Where do you shop to stock your own kitchen?
    Dylan: Marlow and Daughters and Fresh Direct. I wish there was a bigger market in South Williamsburg.
    Danny: Fresh Direct, Kim’s.

    Most memorable kitchen adventure gone wrong:
    Dylan: I don’t think I have ever made mashed potatoes that haven’t tasted like potato-flavored taffy.
    Danny: Every time I’m in it.

    Who should we interview next?
    Dylan: The chef at the sushi bar at 1 or 8 in Williamsburg. I have to sneak in soy sauce because you aren’t supposed to add ANYTHING to their sushi. Omakase there is outta sight.
    Danny: My mom. She’s the only person that’s never worked in a restaurant, but knows everything about them!

    Many thanks to Dylan and Danny!

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