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Puppy Love: Staff Picks for Dogs

  • Our Tribeca office is very pet-friendly, so it’s not unusual to see a dog curled up under a desk (probably Vinny) or hanging out in the conference room (probably Maya). Some of their faces may be familiar to you from our Instagram, but we thought we’d properly introduce them:

    Name: Elli
    Mom: Cristin, Buyer
    Likes: Snow, peanut butter, cuddling
    Dislikes: Rain, trucks & vacuums
    Staff pick: Found My Animal Standard Leash in Black. Elli has chewed through two leashes. I don’t think she could get through this one! Also, the Bocce’s Bakery PB ‘n’ J dog biscuits since she loves peanut butter and I love that they use locally sourced ingredients.

    Name: Rooney (named after Wayne Rooney – best player on Manchester United – English Premier League Soccer :) )
    Mom: Trish, President
    Likes: Socks
    Dislikes: Groomers
    Staff pick: The Pickford Reversible Dog Coat by Billywolf to stay warm outside (and sport a bit of red and yellow for Manchester United).

    Name: Vinny
    Mom: Tara, Assistant Buying Coordinator
    Likes: Snow, James Hall (our Retail Ops Assistant)
    Dislikes: Skateboarders, bikes
    Staff pick: Green Remedy dog biscuits from Bocce’s Bakery are my favorite. Healthy and delicious!

    Name: Tammy
    Dad: Matt, HR Manager
    Likes: Belly rubs, kisses, rap music, and the food that accidentally drops on the floor when I cook
    Dislikes: Smoke detectors
    Staff pick: The standard brass leash from Found My Animal. Even though you would think a dog wouldn’t know the difference, Tammy understands the serious style that is happening with this leash.

    Name: Maya
    Dad: Scott, East Coast District Manager
    Likes: The beaches in East Hampton before 9 AM, short walks on wintry days, my hard core fire hose dog toy, my buddy Duncan, and sleeping on the couch during the day even though I’m not supposed to.
    Dislikes: Dog parks, salt on the ground, plain dog food without something creative in it, and people trying to pet me vs. throwing my toy.
    Staff pick: The Elvis Bag of dog biscuits from Bocce’s Bakery. Peanut butter, bananas, and turkey bacon. So good!

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