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Inside Steven Alan

Q&A: Good Candle

  • We’re often asked by customers about the fragrance in our shops. Chances are, it’s by Brooklyn-based Good Candle. While the Fig scent has always been a staff favorite, the new Cedar candle, which they made just for us, is generating a lot of inquiries. We recently talked to Good founder Johnathan Kroeger about what goes into making the candles:


    How did you get in the candle game?
    When I moved to New York I was working for a guy at the Brooklyn Flea who sold vintage objects, and he really helped to mentor me along the way. I was experimenting with my own product design working in wood, fabric, and metal mainly designing objects for tabletop. It all clicked when I started to appreciate home fragrance in such a fragrant city, and from there I got some great vintage jars and got to work.


    Your candles are made with 100% American grown soy wax. Why did you choose to work with it, as opposed to other materials?
    For me soy wax was the natural choice. It’s grown and processed here, throws fragrance well, and has a great milky hue when poured into the jar. It also burns cleaner and longer than some other waxes on the market. We’re also experimenting with beeswax which is great because you can get it locally, and it has its own great scent profile.


    How do you come up with your scents?
    I’m definitely inspired by daily life here in NYC when creating the different candle fragrances: Basil from my first fire escape garden, Mimosa from the weekend indulgence, Cedar from fresh cut boards in the wood shop. Smell is definitely an under-appreciated sense and it’s very fulfilling to create objects that both look and smell great.


    Can you tell us a bit about your process?
    Well, there are two aspects to what I do: design and make. When designing, I like to take inspiration from both vintage Americana and clean modern lines to create an object that elicits a strong emotion through both the aesthetic component as well as the fragrance. In the making process I find that I become fully engaged with each step from being engulfed in fragrance while pouring the candles to stamping each tag and watching the ink soak into the grain of the paper.  In designing and making the product, you come to see it from both angles and can create something that people will really enjoy.


    Is there a particular scent you’ve been using a lot in your own home lately?
    Fig has always been my favorite, and my girlfriend is a huge fan of the Americano candles, but I’m always testing new fragrances in the apartment. I’m really into the Cedar, which is a new one I’m doing for Steven Alan.


    What’s next for Good? Is there a new scent you’re working on, or another category you’d like to explore?
    We are looking into making the Good Candle even better with new sizes, fragrances, and even some taper candles I’m really excited about. More in the direction of floral and woody down the line. Also more functional outdoor lighting and working with the great warmness of a flame.


    Many thanks to Johnathan! You can find Good candles in our stores and in our web shop.

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  1. Sleevy says:

    Man, thats one hot toddy makin candle maker