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Inside Steven Alan

Q&A with our Kids Models

  • While shooting our new arrivals for kids, we chatted with our models, William, James, Sabrina, and Ada:

    {Our Kids Reverse Seam Shirt in Pink Lemonade print, ESP No. 1 Jean}

    William, age 4:

    If you had a superpower, what would it be?
    I’d make ice to walk on.

    What’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you?
    Having play dates with friends from my class!

    {ESP No.1 Short Sleeve Pocket Tee and Skinny Leopard Jean}

    Sabrina, age 3:

    What’s your favorite activity at preschool?
    Play time in the play room!

    Least favorite?
    I like everything!

    Cupcakes or cookies – which is better and why?
    Cupcakes and cookies! Cuz’ they’re nice and candy-ish!

    {Our Kids Reverse Seam Shirt, ESP No.1 No.2 Skinny Jean}

    James, age 4:

    We hear you really enjoy riding the subway. What’s your favorite train?
    The best train is the B train. It’s express in Brooklyn. I don’t like the Q train and I always try to wait for the B to come but sometimes we have to take the Q. The S train, which is short for “shuttle,” is also a good train. There are two S trains. I like to ride them back and forth.

    Tell us about your cats. What are they like?
    We have two cats named Smudge an Tonka. Tonka is furry and has big paws. She likes to sit in the window. Smudge lets me pet her. They sleep a lot during the day – they are nocturnal which means they are awake all night.

    {Little Lief Ruffle Top Romper}

    Ada, age 2:

    What did you do today?
    I put on my blue dress with the kitty-cat on it and my blue shoes. Music class! I like to dance. I like to drum.

    What’s your favorite animal?
    I like puppy dogs and kitty cats and bunnies. I love kitty bear [that's her stuffed cat].

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