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Inside Steven Alan

A Conversation with No.6

  • No.6 has always been a staff and customer favorite in our shops, so we’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the spring delivery, especially since it includes some exclusive styles made just for us. Designers Morgan Yakus and Karin Bereson chatted with us a bit about the collection:

    {No.6 Libra Wrap Dress and Huarache High Heel Sandal)

    What inspired the Spring ’13 collection?
    The No.6 clog collection was inspired by classic 70′s styles like moccasins and old school clogs. We did a special style for Steven Alan on a new mid wedge base – sort of the perfect shoe – and denim suede from vintage printed hides. We love that women are replacing their usual shoes with clogs and thinking of them as another shoe and not just another clog.

    The No.6 Spring ’13 clothing collection was created in a cabin on an artist colony in upstate New York. We took inspiration from the cycle of nature. In the collection there are references to birds, star constellations, plants, and sun. We created simple, easy shapes to showcase our earthly prints. We included the Flower of Life symbol, which represents the sun. We expanded the print to cover the whole silk screen so that each dress would be unique. The Flower of Life in delivery two was scaled down to create a polkadot print. The Flowers in Vase print by artist Paul Wackers, titled “The Closer You Are the Quicker it Hits You,” was given to us to print on silk and became a random print, so no one garment will be alike. For our second delivery, landscape artist Elissa Gore created a water color stripe print especially for us on the porch of the cabin.

    We’re excited to have some exclusive styles again this season. Any personal favorites?
    Morgan: I like them all – they’re like my children! I always love wearing the Button Back Dress and I love the astrological print.
    Karin: I love the new Old School Mid Wedge. I’ll wear that every day except in 6″ of snow.

    Your clogs and clog boots are very popular at our office and among our retail staff, who are on their feet all day. What is it that makes them so comfortable?
    The rubber sole on the bottom helps. Our customers do everything in them from hiking, to dog walking, to running after buses and their children.

    Are there any upcoming projects you’re especially excited about?
    There are always ideas we’re kicking around. At the moment we’re working on revamping our website into a web store, so that’s a big focus.

    Many thanks to Morgan and Karin! You can find No.6 in our stores and our web shop.

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