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Inside Steven Alan

Introducing: Steven Alan Optical

  • We’re very excited to introduce our new collection of handcrafted eyewear. The line features 24 prescription and non-prescription styles, including eight pairs of sunglasses, and is currently available at our Home Shop as well as online, with an at-home trial service that allows you to try on up to six pairs.

    Our frames are made with cellulose acetate imported from a 150 year old factory in Northern Italy that pioneered the use of the material, and each frame is constructed by hand in Brooklyn. The matte styles are individually sandblasted to achieve the perfect, smooth texture, while the glossy finish on the polished styles are created by using a tumbler of hardwood chips and olive oil. The frames also feature design details such as plaques and rivets that function with the hinges (in contemporary eyeglasses, these are mostly just decorative). For more information about the process, click here, and learn more about Steven’s inspiration for the collection here.







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