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Q&A: Cereal Magazine’s Rosa Park

  • April 19th, 2013 | In Stock, New Arrivals

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    Though only in its second issue, Cereal has quickly become a favorite read among our staff and customers. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Rosa Park, editor of the UK-based magazine, as volume two arrived in our shops:


    Where did you grow up, and where do you currently live?
    I grew up in Seoul, Korea, and Vancouver, Canada – moved back and forth between the two cities – and now I reside in Bristol, England.

    What’s on your desk right now?
    My laptop, notebook, favourite pen, phone, biography of Lincoln, bottle of water and a bag of tortilla chips.

    We really enjoyed your introduction in the first issue of Cereal, which explained how the magazine got its name. It made us nostalgic for all those mornings spent poring over the backs of cereal boxes during breakfast. What was your favorite cereal growing up, and what’s a typical breakfast for you these days?
    My favorite cereal growing up was a two-in-one deal: I always mixed Corn Pops and Fruit Loops into one bowl. These days, a typical breakfast consists of buttered crumpets topped with sliced bananas. Washed down with very strong coffee.


    We like how each story in the magazine sort of segues into the next, allowing readers to explore a subject from different angles, making each volume feel very cohesive. What influences informed the content and structure of Cereal?
    We took heavy inspiration from books when creating Cereal. You can see that in the way our publication is structured in topic-specific chapters, the bibliography we provide, and even in the design of our logo – the vertical lines between each letter of Cereal is meant to evoke books on a bookshelf. We love the insight and depth of information a book can provide on a single topic, and we tried to emulate that with Cereal. This is why we select 3-5 subjects for each volume, and dedicate anywhere from 20-60 pages on one topic. For us, the goal is always to dig a little bit deeper.


    What’s been the most challenging aspect of starting a magazine? The most rewarding?
    The most challenging aspect for me is learning how to take on roles I’ve never had any experience with before. I am the only full time employee of Cereal so I’ve had to teach myself to do production, sales, distribution and accounts which has been quite an experience. The most rewarding thing, of course, is the positive feedback I receive from our customers. A kind email from a happy reader makes my day!

    Tell us about the upcoming website and online shop.
    We are going to be launching a new website at the end of May, which I’m very excited about! It will have a more refined look and feel as well as added functionality. Readers will be able to access more content – both from the print magazine as well as web exclusives – and the online shop is going to carry more than just our magazines. We are going to be selling various lifestyle merchandise that we’ve created in collaboration with other wonderful companies and we will be launching more products as the year progresses. I will leave it at that as I want it to be a surprise.


    You’ve traveled quite a bit. What’s the most inspiring place you’ve been to recently, and what places do you hope to explore next?
    I recently went to Iceland and completely fell in love with it. There is something incredibly magical about that place; the nature there is formidable. As for future travels, I am hoping to make my way to the Faroe Islands this summer, as well as Tel Aviv and Singapore.

    What are some of your favorite neighborhood spots?
    I always have tea and cake at Lahloo Pantry, which is a lovely tea shop just down the street from my flat. I also love Indian takeaway from Thali Cafe, they do them in tiffins!

    Many thanks to Rosa! You can find Cereal in our Home, Chelsea, Greenwich, East Hampton, and Nolita Women’s shops.

    Photos provided by Cereal. Cover photo by Jonathan Gregson. All other photos by Rich Stapleton.

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