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At Home With Satsuki Shibuya

  • April 22nd, 2013 | Home

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    We first became acquainted with Satsuki Shibuya via Pinterest, when we found ourselves perusing her beautifully curated collections of imagery, culled from the internet. We recently spoke with her, and she shared some of the images from the home-inspired board she created for our Pinterest contest.

    {Satsuki, photographed by Dabito of Old Brand New}

    You wear many hats (singer-songwriter, graphic designer, consultant, home and jewelry designer, among others). How did you manage to get involved in such diverse discipines?
    I would have to say that many of the things I do now, I had never anticipated being involved in as one thing lead to another, but with a background in music and graphic design, I feel like it helps to broaden my exploration towards new ways of creative expression and to follow my curiosities.

    We really enjoy your Pinterest boards, and could easily lose an hour or two browsing through them. Does it feel weird to have so many followers, and do you ever feel pressured to keep it up?
    Thank you so much! The number of followers never felt uncomfortable, but there was a sense of needing to consistently share new pins, in the beginning. Now I partake in Pinterest just like how I did from the get-go – pin whatever I want, whenever I want, and love it like the first day I started!

    {Clam Lab entree bowl}

    How many different places have you called home?
    I am a true Angeleno, born and raised in Los Angeles, but do dream of one day being able to experience living in Japan or Australia.

    Whose home would you love to be a houseguest in?
    It would have been lovely to be a houseguest at my grandmother’s home one more time before her passing. Although we were close, since she lived in Japan, I only had the opportunity to stay with her once and remember enjoying every minute of it. She was an amazing woman.

    What’s the most important element to you in a home?
    I definitely need a home that is bright and sunny, has a kitchen that I can comfortably cook in, and a place where I can happily create whatever comes to mind. I also enjoy having a space that I can go spend some “me” time to daydream and ponder about life.
    {Dream home inspiration via Emma’s Designblogg; Photo by Patric Johansson}

    Do you have a favorite room in your house?
    My favorite room in the house is definitely the studio space with its large picture window that brings in amazing light, but also housed a custom desk that my father built which allows for both my husband and I to sit side by side while we work.

    Having your studio in your home, how do you separate and balance your work and personal life?
    I don’t think there really is a way to separate work from life as I feel creativity is a part of my being, just like being Japanese-American, or being a woman, but I try to find balance by setting boundaries, making time to relax and enjoying moments with friends, family, and our pup, Skippy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    {Via A Well Traveled Woman; photographer unknown}

    What are some ways you like to make a new space your own?
    By creating a space that incorporates a color palette that brings me calm (usually consisting of grays, whites, blacks, and natural wood) with sentimental tchotchkes.

    What’s on your wishlist these days?
    You can find most of what I’m lusting over for our home on my Pinterest board entitled “nouvelle maison,” but the top items on the list are the positive negative stripe fouta towel by Scents & Feel, a geometry set of candlestick holders by Fort Makers, the One Step Up bookcase by Francis Cayouette for Normann Copenhagen, the Misewell Tokyo II table lamp, and the white and walnut Alberta table lamp from Caravan Pacific.

    {Scents & Feel Positive Negative Stripe Fouta Towel}

    Many thanks to Satsuki! Check out the Pinterest board she created for us, and if you haven’t entered our Pinterest contest, you can do so here. One winner will receive a $1000 gift card to shop at

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