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Inside Steven Alan

Atlanta To Do: Liebemarlene’s Picks

  • Our friend Rhiannon Leifheit, the voice behind Liebemarlene, gave us a warm welcome when we opened our Atlanta shop (our first in the South) and was kind enough to share some of her favorite places in the city. Here’s her roundup, featuring photos taken by her husband, Drew Tyndell.

    My husband Drew and I have a Southern travel blog, which means that we try to go on day trips and weekend trips as much as possible. We love getting out of Atlanta, but some weekends it’s just nice to stay in town, going to new-to-us spots as well as old favorites.

    {Rhiannon exploring Westside Provisions in our Carla hat}

    Atlanta is probably the most modern city in the South — it’s always growing and constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with every new restaurant and shop and Hollywood movie set that comes to town. New buildings come up and old buildings go down all the time. Most of the city’s grand avenues and historic mansions are long gone, which means that Atlanta doesn’t have the old Southern charm of Charleston or New Orleans. But there’s so much to do in town that, chances are, you won’t even really miss it.

    Our favorite spots to shop and eat in Atlanta can pretty much all be found in or near the Westside Provisions District, where the new Steven Alan store is, a century-old meatpacking plant redeveloped into a mixed-use neighborhood.  West Egg is perfect for Southern-style food and innovative drinks.


    The Sweet Auburn Curb Market has been operating since the 1920s in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood, Atlanta’s first African American business district as well as the childhood home of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (the MLK historic site is just down the road). The market still sells locally grown produce, just as it did in the old days, but now it’s also a great place to get a bite or just explore.


    Our favorite coffee shop in town is Octane, and our favorite Octane is the one in Grant Park — lots of indoor and outdoor seating, a relaxed atmosphere, and some of the best mixed drinks in town.



    You can’t make a trip to Octane Grant Park without walking across the street to see Oakland Cemetery. It’s a huge Victorian cemetery, landscaped like a park with brick walkways and terraces and flowers everywhere. And since Oakland was built on a hill, it’s a great place for viewing the Atlanta skyline.


    I like Paris on Ponce for antiques-hunting; they always have interesting home goods and furniture. Across town, Kudzu is just as good, if not better. They have booths of vintage clothing and booths of old books, and it’s always hard to leave empty-handed.


    If you want to catch a glimpse of the city that Atlanta once was, be sure to visit The Atlanta History Center. The complex is home to a 19th century farmhouse, a 1920s mansion straight out of The Great Gatsby, and a museum with a variety of exhibits. My favorite permanent exhibits are the ones on the Civil War. They’re impressive and moving, and all the photos and maps give you a good idea of what Atlanta used to be before it became one of the biggest cities in the South.


    Many thanks to Rhiannon and Drew! You can read about their travels over at Liebemarlene.

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